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Drs. L.M. MacLennan

Drs. L.M. MacLennan is a plastic surgeon, educated in the Academic Medical Center of Leeuwenhoek in Amsterdam and the Red Cross Hospital as well as the burncenter in Beverwijk. The past few years she exercised her specialty in Paris, the city where aesthetic plastic surgery is practiced on a high level. She worked there in … Learn more about

Drs. M.C. Schuringa

Mr M.C. Schuringa has been a registered plastic surgeon since 2004. He works as a plastic, reconstructive and hand surgeon at the Reinier de Graaf hospital in Delft and also at the Boerhaave Medical Centre in Amsterdam. He is therefore a specialist with extensive training and experience, giving him with the necessary skills to find … Learn more about

drs. R. Rhemrev – Pieters

My name is Rose Rhemrev-Pieters and I have been working as a plastic surgeon since 2006. I was trained in the Netherlands at the academic hospitals of Utrecht, Maastricht and Rotterdam. After my training, I worked in various hospitals and independent treatment centers both in the Netherlands and abroad and I now have more than … Learn more about

Drs. DS Wijnberg

Drs. DS Wijnberg (1955) returned to the Netherlands after completing his bachelor’s degree in economics and working as an ambulance paramedic in the United States, where he later studied medicine in Groningen. Once he graduated as a doctor, he completed his training in general surgery at the Martini hospital in Groningen. He then completed his … Learn more about

drs. MT Letsch

Drs. Maarten Letsch studied medicine at Leiden University. After completing He completed his medical training for several years as a physician assistant within the general and medical professions plastic surgery in several hospitals in the Netherlands. The specialist training was followed in Germany, where he received the title Facharzt für Plastic und Obtained in Aesthetic … Learn more about

Dr. C. Zhou-Claushuis

Every day Dr. speaks. C. Zhou-Claushuis people who feel insecure about their bodies. Good treatment starts with a good conversation. The Boerhaave Clinic offers an ideally trusted environment for this and is fully equipped to provide service and attention to the patient. The most important first step in a consultation is to clarify someone’s expectations. … Learn more about

Dr. F. van Zijl

Intro Dr. Floris van Zijl completed his medical studies and training as an ENT specialist at the Erasmus MC in Rotterdam. Early in his training he developed a passion for facial surgery, which, after his training as an ENT specialist, led to recognized specialist further training in facial surgery. This training was completed at the … Learn more about

Drs. H. Hortoglu

Education: Cosmetic Medicine. Focus area injectables and peels. Very experienced in Botox treatments. Member of NVCG.

Drs. R.A. Christiano

Drs. R.A. Christiano completed his specialization as a plastic surgeon at the Academic Medical Center in Amsterdam. In 1991 he moved to the current Spaarne Gasthuis in Hoofddorp. There he paid a lot of attention to reconstructive surgery and hand surgery.

Dr. E.J.C.M.P. Lommen

Dr. Etienne Lommen (1959) was educated in Groningen and obtained her PhD on the subject of Artificial Skin, for which a patent was also obtained. He worked for the Schoemacher Clinic in Scheveningen for 15 years and during that time also participated several times in the “Make me Beautiful” program, where he twice won first … Learn more about