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Drs. DS Wijnberg

Plastic surgeon BIG: 09025050101
Drs. D.S. Wijnberg - Boerhaave
Drs. DS Wijnberg (1955) returned to the Netherlands after completing his bachelor's degree in economics and working as an ambulance paramedic in the United States, where he later studied medicine in Groningen. Once he graduated as a doctor, he completed his training in general surgery at the Martini hospital in Groningen. He then completed his studies in plastic, reconstructive hand and aesthetic surgery on behalf of Professor Robinson at the University Hospital in Groningen. During this training he came into contact with all facets of plastic, reconstructive, manual and aesthetic surgery. He developed the maturity for all-round plastic generating solutions. He also developed new knowledge in the field of reconstructive surgery, hand surgery, breast reconstruction and many other techniques in this complex domain. In addition, he has conducted research into the development of the coiled heart in synergy with the department of thoracic surgery, which has attracted much attention at international conferences and publications in various journals. After his long training, he continues to attend many workshops, symposia and international conferences to master the latest techniques for hand surgery, laser techniques and surgery. In 2009, after 4 years as an observed trainer, he was the trainer of the peripheral internship of the plastic surgeons in training in Nijmegen. In addition to various "classic" surgical techniques, he has a special interest in laser and breast surgery. Furthermore, tummy tuck, liposculpture, lipofilling and mommy makeover are part of his expertise.