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Dr. C. Zhou-Claushuis

Plastic surgeon BIG: 89917254501
Every day Dr. speaks. C. Zhou-Claushuis people who feel insecure about their bodies. Good treatment starts with a good conversation. The Boerhaave Clinic offers an ideally trusted environment for this and is fully equipped to provide service and attention to the patient. The most important first step in a consultation is to clarify someone's expectations. Afterwards, we will take a detailed look at what is feasible. No person is the same and the perception of “being beautiful” also depends on the person opposite you. It is my job as a plastic surgeon to guide the patient as best as possible. An optimal result can only be achieved if the treatment is tailored as closely as possible to the patient's expectations. Dr. C. Zhou-Claushuis trained as a plastic and reconstructive surgeon at the Maastricht UMC, where he gained extensive experience in the field of complex breast reconstructions using body tissue. He is certified as a Fellow of the European Board of Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery (EBOPRAS). In his aesthetic practice he only applies techniques that are internationally recognized. At Boerhaave he has completely focused on breast reductions, breast lifts and abdominoplasty. But he also pays the utmost attention to a “simple” eyelid or ear correction. Enabling results that exceed the expectations of even the most critical patient is what gives him the most satisfaction!