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Dr. B.J. Putting

Eye doctor BIG: 19023375901
Dr. B.J. Putting - Boerhaave
Dr. Putting completed her training as a medical doctor at the University of Amsterdam. She then worked for five years in general surgery and cardiac surgery in the United States and at the LUMC and AMC. She completed her training as an ophthalmologist at the LUMC, where she also obtained her PhD on light damage to the retina. She worked as an eye surgeon at the OMC Haarlem until June 2019. In addition to her work in oculoplastic surgery at Boerhaave Kliniek, she works at the OMC Amsterdam. The same precision that she applies to internal eye operations is applied to eyelid surgery. With a carpenter's eye she assesses the symmetry of the eyes in relation to the entire face. As an ophthalmologist, she always takes the function of the eye into account. Dr. Putting specializes in upper and eyelid correction, levatorplasty for eyelid ptosis, internal eyebrow lifts, corrections of ectropion and entropion and the removal of other abnormalities of the eyelids.