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Drs. T.H.J. van de Kar

Plastic surgeon BIG: 59021955301
Drs. T.H.J. van de Kar - Boerhaave
Mr Th.H.J. van de Kar is a very experienced plastic surgeon. He was born in 1959 in Amsterdam, grew up in Maastricht, then returned to Amsterdam. He studied medicine in Liège and Rotterdam and later trained to become a plastic surgeon in Utrecht, Strasbourg and Rotterdam. He has been a registered plastic surgeon since 1995. Theo van de Kar spent the first part of his career performing highly academically complex plastic surgery procedures at the Academic Hospital in Rotterdam and the Academic Hospital in Maastricht. He then built up a wealth of experience over many years at one of the biggest teaching hospitals for top clinical care (Zuyderland MC Heerlen) and went on to specialise in cosmetic surgery. To practise this specialisation, he opted for the Boerhaave clinic as the perfect environment in which to care for his patients undergoing cosmetic procedures. He enthusiastically contributes his experience to the clinic, where he can focus his efforts on achieving the cosmetic results sought after by his patients. “Expertise and surgical skills are the foundations on which great cosmetic results can be achieved. Cosmetic procedures also involve taking a critical look at someone’s face, image or figure, and exploring how it can actually be enhanced. Much can be achieved through surgery, but not everything, so it is important to make the right decisions together with the patient about what would deliver the best results. The best possible post-surgery satisfaction is achieved by carefully listening to what the patient wants, explaining the various options to them thoroughly beforehand and together deciding what should be done. You need to be a good adviser, before you can be a good surgeon. On the one hand, you have to take into consideration what the patient wants and on the other, you have to weigh up the available plastic surgery options and techniques. My goal and challenge is to apply all possible expertise to ensure a high level of return. After all, for patients, it is always about achieving the desired level of return.” Breast corrections, tummy tucks and facial corrections are specific areas of expertise of Mr Van de Kar.


Candidature en Sciences Médicales, University of Liège
1979 – 1982
Doctorate, Erasmus University, Rotterdam
1983 – 1985
Qualified as doctor, Erasmus University, Rotterdam
Surgery, Antonius Hospital, Nieuwegein, Utrecht
1988 – 1991
Plastic and reconstructive surgery, Academic Hospital, Rotterdam

Work experience

Plastic surgeon, Academic Hospital, Rotterdam
1995 – 1998
Plastic surgeon, Academic Hospital, Maastricht
1998 – 2001
Plastic surgeon, Viecuri Hospital, Venlo
2001 – 2010
Plastic surgeon, Zuyderland MC, Heerlen
2004 – 2017
Plastic surgeon, Vitrium cosmetic surgery
2004 – 2017
Plastic surgeon, Boerhaave Medical Centre, Amsterdam
2017 – now


  • Dutch Association for Plastic Surgery (NVPC)

  • Dutch Association for Cosmetic Plastic Surgery (NVEPC)

  • Dutch Association for Hand Surgery (NVvH)

  • International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ISAPS)


In his leisure time, he really enjoys design, renovation and restoration work. Whenever he can, he goes travelling, skiing or sailing.


Theo van de Kar is married to Karin, an ophthalmologist, and together they have three children now at college.