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Drs. L.M. MacLennan

Plastic surgeon BIG: 59066327501
Drs. L.M. Maclennan - Boerhaave
Drs. L.M. MacLennan is a plastic surgeon, educated in the Academic Medical Center of Leeuwenhoek in Amsterdam and the Red Cross Hospital as well as the burncenter in Beverwijk. The past few years she exercised her specialty in Paris, the city where aesthetic plastic surgery is practiced on a high level. She worked there in a reputable private clinic for aesthetic surgery. In addition, she has established her own practice at home for the execution of injectables (botox and fillers) and skin therapies. ‘Gaining practical work experience outside the borders of your own education environment and country is priceless. Just in the plastic surgeon there exists a diversity of opportunities of threatments of the same problem. That’s what triggers me about this job. That’s what it makes dynamic, challenging and creative. You get educated in the same way, but there exists many operation techniques that in given situations can lead to better results. My experience in Paris has pulled me out of my comfort zone and made my vision brighten up by other culture, manners, norms and values, indication tests and surgical techniques. It has been an enrichment of my expertise as specialist, which i will apply in the threatments of my clients.’ ‘aesthetic surgery means customized care. Everybody is different, every face and every body is unique. Also the perception of beauty is different per person. That’s why I put a lot of attention for the draw up of an appropriate treatment plan. The wish of clients is the leading part in which I on the basis of my surgical experience and my feeling for aesthetics, can give a personal and realistic advice.’ Drs. L.M.MacLennan is since 2016 registered plastic surgeon in The Netherlands and since 2016 in France too.


Study economics: Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam
1997 - 2000
Medical Studies: Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam
2000 - 2006
Prior education General Surgery: Onze Lieve Vrouwe Gasthuis te Amsterdam
2008 - 2010
Study Plastic Surgeon: Academic Medical Center in Amsterdam
2010 - 2015
Registered as plastic surgeon in France

Work experience

Onze Lieve Vrouwe Gasthuis te Amsterdam
2008 - 2010
Red Cross Hospital in Beverwijk
2010 - 2015
Antoni van Leeuwenhoek in Amsterdam
2010 - 2015
Academic Medical Center in Amsterdam
2010 - 2015
Cabinet MacLennan, Le Vésinet te Frankrijk
2016 - 2017
Cabinet Medical Esthétique, 7e arr. Parijs te Frankrijk
2016 - 2017
Boerhaave Medical Center in Amsterdam
2017 - Now


  • Dutch Society for Plastic Surgery (NVPC)

  • Dutch Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (NVEPC)


Plastic Surgeon Linda MacLennan is married with Bernard and they have four children together. A son Philip and three daughters Annabelle, Juliette and Rosalie.

In her spare time Linda is preferably busy with her family or she performs with her band in which she has been singing for years.