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Facts about thigh lift

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    General anesthesia
    Operation requires an overnight stay (price includes overnight stay)

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    Operation time

    2 to 3 hours

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    Recovery time

    2 to 3 weeks

Thigh lift

Thighs may start to sag through aging or after extreme weight loss. The upper portion of the inner thighs can become particularly “loose”. Firming creams and intensive exercise usually end in disappointment.

A thigh lift is a possible solution. When performing a thigh lift, the surgeon removes the excess skin on the thighs. The skin is then pulled tighter, so that the thighs look firmer and more appealing. The skin structure and any stretch marks will not change, but stretch marks may be less noticeable.

What does the thigh lift cost

  • L Operation with local anaesthesia
  • O Operation requires a overnight stay (price incl. overnight)
  • N Operation with general anaesthesia (price inclusive narcosis)
Thigh lift
€ 3650
Extended thigh lift
€ 4900

We guide you step by step before, during and after treatment

01 More information

Thighs may start to sag through aging or after extreme weight loss. The upper portion of the inner thighs can become particularly “loose”. Firming creams and intensive exercise usually end in disappointment. A thigh lift is a possible solution.

The plastic surgeon will be able to tell you if such a procedure can be performed on you. And whether the result you want to achieve from a thigh lift can be reached. During this first consultation, the plastic surgeon may show you before and after photos.

A thigh lift clearly enhances the aesthetic appearance of the thighs. After the procedure, many people feel more self-confident when they wear shorts or a dress or skirt, so they can walk out the door in their favourite summer clothes! But you should bear in mind that a thigh lift may leave behind scars on your thighs. The plastic surgeon will always take care to explain all the consequences of the procedure in your personal consultation. For example, they will point out that – even if they work with the utmost care and attention – it is never possible to give a 100% guarantee that both thighs will be fully symmetrical after the procedure. 

02 Consultation

Plastic surgeon

The consultation is always held with the plastic surgeon who will be carrying out your procedure.
During this consultation, you can discuss what bothers you the most about the appearance of your thighs and what you would like to have changed. The plastic surgeon will take down your medical history and examine your thighs. They will then suggest the most suitable surgical technique for you and discuss it with you. In front of a mirror, they will show you what this procedure entails and what you can expect in terms of end results.
They will explain the difference between liposuction of the thighs, a thigh lift and an extended thigh lift. The recovery period and pros and cons of the procedures will be explained. You will then be in a position to make a well-informed decision.

After this, the plastic surgeon will show you before and after photos of thigh lift procedures they have previously performed. Possible complications and risks will be discussed with you and an indication of the costs involved will be given.


Following on from your first consultation with your plastic surgeon, you will have an appointment with your consultant. The aim of this appointment is to tell you about the general aspects to be arranged with respect to your procedure. 

03 Procedure

You are expected to arrive at the Boerhaave clinic half an hour before your procedure.
Before the treatment, your plastic surgeon will again talk you through the procedure. They will draw on your legs in accordance with the operation plan. The operation is carried out under general anaesthetic.

There are two techniques. If there is a moderate amount of loose skin in the thigh area, it is just necessary to remove skin below the groin-buttock crease. The scar will fall below the bikini line.

With larger bulges, it will be necessary to remove skin and fatty tissue across the length of the upper leg, down to about a hand’s width above the knee. The scar will run vertically on the inside of the thighs towards the back (like a trouser seam). If necessary, the plastic surgeon can also combine either technique with a liposculpture treatment. This means that excess fat is sucked out.
The procedure lasts approximately 2 to 3 hours. An extended thigh lift lasts approximately 3 to 3,5 hours

04 After care and recovery

After a thigh lift procedure, you will usually stay overnight at the clinic. Once the nursing staff and anaesthetist give their approval for you to leave, you are free to go home the next day.

Post-procedure pain

For the first few days after the thigh lift, you will feel a pulling pain in your skin and muscles around the abdomen. The area operated on will be sensitive and sore, and feel tight. In the first week after the thigh lift, you will not be able to do much, as your daily business will be hampered by very sore muscles.


As with every surgical procedure, the body takes time to recover. The treated area will initially be bruised, sore and swollen. The scars may also be reddish in colour and raised immediately after the thigh lift. You shouldn’t worry about this, as it is your body’s natural reaction.

The skin will feel hard for a few weeks, which is due to the scars forming. The skin may sometimes be more sensitive or less sensitive than usual, which is a normal reaction to the operation and will gradually disappear. Swelling and bruising will gradually subside. For the first 6 weeks, you will wear a compression pair of trousers day and night.

Scar cream

At your first check-up, you will be given a scar care cream to take home with you. Once the wound has closed and the scabs have disappeared, you can start applying the scar cream. If you apply this cream to the closed wound twice a day, you increase the chance of the wound healing nicely.

05 Results

The results of a thigh lift will not be visible until after a couple of months. Your thighs will look visibly firmer. The results of a thigh lift are generally long-lasting. The best results will be achieved if you are a healthy and stable weight, and you manage to maintain this weight.

Your skin may lose elasticity through aging as a result of the skin and muscle tissue continuing to slacken, but the results of the procedure will remain visible.


A thigh lift will leave large scars. The scars will initially be red and swollen, but this will start to fade after a couple of weeks. You must not expose the scars to the sun for the first few months after your thigh lift. Nor should you leave them exposed under a sunbed. You may of course cover the scars or apply sun screen with a high sun protection factor. It is useful to know that a scar takes 1 to 1½ years to completely calm down. So remember to apply the scar cream to your scars and stay out of the sun. After the first year, always use factor 30 or higher when you are in the sun, to protect your skin.

06 Risks and complications

Thigh lifts are successfully performed on many people each year at the Boerhaave Medical Centre. The chances of complications arising are luckily rare. You can help reduce certain risks by carefully reading through the instructions you are given prior to your thigh lift.

Possible complications may be:

  • Haematoma (blood clot under the skin which has to be removed)
  • Adverse reaction to the sedation
  • Haemorrhaging
  • Infection
  • Change in sensitivity
  • Permanent scars
  • Damage to underlying structures
  • Unsatisfactory aesthetic result.


Patients who smoke or use tobacco or nicotine products (such as nicotine patches and chewing gum) at the time of their surgery have a greater risk of complications, such as skin loss and impaired wound healing. People who are exposed to passive smoking may also have an increased risk of complications such as these. What’s more, smoking may have a negative effect on the anaesthesia, which may in turn lead to an increased risk of bleeding. People who are not exposed to tobacco smoke or nicotine-containing products have a significantly lower risk of such complications. It is important not to smoke for at least 2 weeks prior to the operation and to keep this up for the entire recovery process.

Thigh lift with Drs. Schuringa


This was something I had wanted for 10+ year after natural weight loss. My legs where always a part that I was so embarrassed/ashamed of. Dr Schuringa was very realistic about what the results would be and I value expectation management highly. I had no idea what to expect on surgery day and recovery. Surgery Day - The staff were super friendly and took the time to explain what was about to happen and it seemed they were excited for me to get the results. Dr Schuringa is such a nice person and it make a huge relief when you trust your surgeon to do his best for you.. Recovery - Takes time, be ready for that and allow yourself time to heal, however I was in no pain, drains are painful after some days however I stopped taking painkillers after the 2nd day, Be ready for swelling and be careful how much water you drink. My "skinny jeans" didn't fit for the first 2.5 months it's only now that I am starting to see results (I'm 3 months po). I had a tummy tuck done at the same time. I felt that Dr Schuring and the staff were there every step of the way and they act very quickly to your concerns. I still remember the first time the nurse showed me my new tummy the afternoon after surgery and she was just so excited to show me and I think we almost cry with happiness!! That moment still make me smile. I have more excess skin to be removed and I will not go to any other surgeon now!

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