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Dr. P. van der Heijden

ENT Doctor BIG: 49063783101
Dr. P. van der Heijden - Boerhaave
Perry van der Heijden works with great enthusiasm as an ENT doctor. Early in my training as an ENT specialist, I became interested in facial beauty. During his training, van der Heijden conducted scientific research into the treatment of children with a cleft palate. These children require many functional and cosmetic facial treatments in their lives. Van der Heijden completed his dissertation on this research in 2012 and successfully defended it at the University of Groningen. Plastic facial surgery is his special interest. A large part of the work is spent on nose corrections, protruding ears and surgical treatments for facial skin tumors. He has completed additional education, training and working visits with facial surgeons at home and abroad and successfully completed the prestigious American exam for facial plastic surgery. This has led to a certification in facial plastic surgery. At Boerhaave Kliniek, Van der Heijden can enjoy improving someone's appearance. “It's wonderful to be able to help someone look good for their age. When the emotion your face conveys does not match how you feel, it can be disturbing. I would like to use my knowledge and skills in a subtle way to be helpful.” At Boerhaave, Dr. van der Heijden focuses on ear corrections and nose corrections. Van der Heijden is a member of the Dutch Association for Ear, Nose, Throat and Head and Neck Surgery, European Academy for Facial Plastic Surgery, Dutch Working Group on Facial Plastic Surgery.