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Thigh lift by
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  • Name : Anonym
  • Treatment : Thigh lift
  • Specialist : No specialist

The staff were there every step of the way

This was something I had wanted for 10+ year after natural weight loss.
My legs where always a part that I was so embarrassed/ashamed of. Dr Schuringa was very realistic about what the results would be and I value expectation management highly. I had no idea what to expect on surgery day and recovery.

Surgery Day

The staff were super friendly and took the time to explain what was about to happen and it seemed they were excited for me to get the results. Dr Schuringa is such a nice person and it make a huge relief when you trust your surgeon to do his best for you..


Takes time, be ready for that and allow yourself time to heal, however I was in no pain, drains are painful after some days however I stopped taking painkillers after the 2nd day, Be ready for swelling and be careful how much water you drink.

My “skinny jeans” didn’t fit for the first 2.5 months it’s only now that I am starting to see results (I’m 3 months po).

I had a tummy tuck done at the same time.

I felt that Dr Schuring and the staff were there every step of the way and they act very quickly to your concerns.

I still remember the first time the nurse showed me my new tummy the afternoon after surgery and she was just so excited to show me and I think we almost cry with happiness!! That moment still make me smile.

I have more excess skin to be removed and I will not go to any other surgeon now!

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