Make an appointment

Many people think about it for a long time, sometimes years, before making a first consultation (interview) appointment with a plastic surgeon. Making this first consultation is therefore a big step for you. We understand that. It is a very personal conversation in which you want to indicate what bothers you and what you want to change about it. Because this first consultation is so personal and important to you, at Boerhaave Kliniek your consultation will always take place with the plastic surgeon who will actually perform the treatment on you.

Consultation at the location of the treatment

In addition, your first consultation will always take place at the location where you are being treated. This way, during your first consultation you will not only be immediately familiar with your plastic surgeon, but also with your treatment location. This personal initial consultation is free and without obligation and takes approximately 30-45 minutes


Following your first consultation with the plastic surgeon, you will have a consultation with the consultant. The purpose of this conversation is to inform you of the general matters that need to be arranged regarding your possible treatment. Consider, for example, planning an operation date, questions about payment, questions about what the operation day itself looks like.
Always take sufficient time for your consultation so that you can absorb the information in peace. The conversation with the consultant takes approximately 15-25 minutes

Additional consultation

The plastic surgeon and the consultant focus as much as possible on you personally, your possible medical history and your specific circumstances. All this in the context of the intended intervention. Always allow sufficient time for the consultation and keep in mind that the consultation hours can sometimes run late, even though we do our utmost to keep you waiting as little as possible. Even after the consultation, we are available to answer any questions you may have and, if necessary, an appointment for an additional consultation is possible

Information and contact

You may receive a lot of information during an initial consultation. You are therefore encouraged to bring your partner or a friend. The two of you hear more! If anything is still unclear, you can always contact your personal consultant after your consultation and, if desired, request a free additional consultation from your plastic surgeon. This way you can make a well-considered decision together with us in peace and quiet.

A first consultation at Boerhaave Kliniek:

  • Always with the plastic surgeon who will operate on you
  • Always includes a follow-up discussion with a consultant
  • Is always at the location of the treatment
  • Takes about 30-70 minutes
  • Free and without obligation